O Ka-Fée : Rubis Firenos Illustration

"Coffee's Onirism" - Freelance Illustrator in Edition/Fantasy
I'm starting to see alot of watercolors with coffee stains nowadays. What prompted this? (Btw your art is spectacular and awe-inspiring!)

Hi !

First thanks for your kindness ! It’s really appreciated !

I have to say that I don’t know in fact, coffee stains are awesome, that’s maybe why people wants to use it .

I have started coffee painting since several years now, first it was an accident, I painted with coffee instead of water and found it really interesting . Since, I started to paint with it, discover the medium, try by my own to create my coffees and to find how to have quality with pigments.

Now it’s a love story between us <3

hey love all of your art work! All of my favorite things in one blog, dragons and foxes :D is this all of your work or a collection of many artists?

Hello there ! Thank you for your kindness ! Foxes and dragons are awesome !

This is my art blog, so yes all of these are my works :)

Thanks again !