O Ka-Fée : Rubis Firenos Illustration

"Coffee's Onirism" - Freelance Illustrator in Edition/Fantasy
Au bord du lac -

Painting done for Polymanga’s con in Switzerland, the theme was “near the lake” . Please, this is important for me, if you have a Facebook account, could you vote with a like HERE Sharing is really appreciated too ! I
 If I won something, it would help me to finance and create new goodies !  Thanks by advance :) So, for the theme here is a white foxy makin magic with giants fishes !  Medium : Watercolors/pigments/coffee
Forgotten Dream
Tools : Coffee/Pigments/Inks/Watercolors/White Acrylic
Do you have shirts with your art on them? If not, you totally should. Your art is crazy awesome!

Hi ! Thank you so much dear for your kind note,

I have somes of my works on Society6, so you can see somes shirts !

Question: You are my new favorite artist. Wait, that isnt a question! Is a statement! :D

Thank you so much, it’s really touching ! <3

Can you teach me how to draw like you do?! Your amazing ×100!! 8 love your art work

Thank you so much for your kind note !

I will simply answered that all you need is to work everyday with a sketchbook, to dream, to draw what you see in our real world too .. Nature is the better way to learn from !

Wasted Dream
When dreams become nightmares. Even Unicorns are stained.
©Rubis Firenos O Ka-Fée 2013

Medium&#160;: Coffee/Pigments/Watercolors

God&#8217;s Spirit
©Rubis Firenos O Ka-Fée 2013
Medium&#160;: Coffee/Pigments/Watercolors